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Project Description
Dadaist is a random natural language generator that allows creation of random yet understandable (and often crazy) placeholder text for web designers. It could one day replace "Lorem ipsum" altogether! It is developed in C# and is a console application.


This project has been inspired by the work of Mark V. Shaney back in the days of Usenet. Mark's words really rang a bell in me:

I spent an interesting evening recently with a grain of salt

You are right: Dadaist is (yet) another incarnation of Mark, in C#, Web 2.0, twitter (and what not).

I had to write my own version of Markov-chain based random text generators. Just for fun, and maybe to become useful one day. I've seen many web designers say they're a bit tired of Lorem Ipsum and would like to have some more original text in their own language. This is where Dadaist could be helpful: by feeding it with a corpus of business-oriented bullshit standard text you could produce endless combinations of natural-looking sentences in the same language as the original. Results can be hilarious too, and frankly speaking this is the primary motivation for me doing this. How would Don Quixote sound if we mix it with Tech-Web-2.0 jargon?


These are some samples of outputs of the first version of Dadaist
  • From The task-centered Odyssey by Homer and Clayton Lewis
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